Laudio Lands $13M to Tackle Burnout

Workforce management startup Laudio landed a $13M Series B round to tackle labor productivity and burnout, two challenges proven large enough to attract funding in any environment. 

Unlike staffing solutions aimed at adding more people, Laudio helps retain the talent healthcare organizations have already invested in by automating repetitive work and nudging managers toward next best actions.

  • Laudio’s AI-driven software automates tasks such as employee rounding, new hire check-ins, quality audits, and overtime assessments. It also helps with reminders for events like employee birthdays and work anniversaries. 
  • Example: If a nurse has worked several consecutive shifts with new employees, Laudio will alert the manager to reach out and thank them, deliver scheduling recommendations, and suggest follow-ups.

Laudio plans on using the funding to build out its AI capabilities and recommendation engine, while adding more partnerships with health systems throughout the country.

  • Over 20 health systems already use Laudio, and it attributes its early success to its focus on becoming an all-in-one platform for frontline managers, who frequently turn to a variety of point solutions for quality audits and employee engagement.
  • Laudio counts major systems like Novant and UNC Health among its early adopters, and reports that the platform has reduced RN turnover by 26% by driving a single meaningful interaction every month between frontline managers and nursing team members.

The Takeaway

Health systems have been stuck in a vicious cycle of high turnover leading to burned out workers leading to even more turnover. If Laudio can use its Series B funds to prove it can break that chain, it’ll have no shortage of hospitals lined up to streamline the workflows of their frontline managers.

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