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Digital Health May 6, 2024

Transcarent Lands $126M Series D May 6, 2024

Transcarent was already a unicorn, but it might be about to grow another horn after landing $126M in Series D funding at a $2.2B valuation.

Digital Health May 2, 2024

How Walmart F—– Around and Found Out May 2, 2024

Walmart announced its retreat from care delivery less than a full week after Optum made a similar surrender.

Artificial Intelligence April 29, 2024

GenAI Still Working Toward Prime Time With Patients April 29, 2024

A trio of studies published just last week suggest that many new generative AI tools might not be ready for prime time with patients.

Digital Health April 25, 2024

Telehealth Linked to Quality as Extension Deadline Looms April 25, 2024

A new study in Health Affairs linked telehealth use to significant quality improvements with only relatively modest downsides.

Telehealth April 22, 2024

Included Health Lunges Into Virtual Specialty Care April 22, 2024

Including Health is diving into specialty care delivery after building out its primary care, behavioral health, and navigation services.

Artificial Intelligence April 18, 2024

Scaling Adoption of Medical AI April 18, 2024

A trio of all-star researchers penned an NEJM AI article tackling what might be medical AI's biggest obstacle: real-world adoption.

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