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Digital Health January 26, 2023

Amazon Launches RxPass For Generic Drugs January 26, 2023

The biggest news of the week was Amazon RxPass, which sparked a ton of conversation around the direction of retail healthcare.

Digital Health January 12, 2023

Rock Health 2022 Full-Year Funding Recap January 12, 2023

Rock Health showcases 2022's “downhill ride,” with $15.3B in digital health funding signaling the tail end of a three year cycle.

Mobile Apps January 9, 2023

Teladoc Launches Integrated Health App January 9, 2023

Teladoc revamped its mobile app to create a unified experience and cater to the whole-person care needs of its users.

Telehealth January 5, 2023

Telehealth Rarely Requires In-Person Follow-Ups January 5, 2023

Epic Research put out a new study suggesting that telehealth is an efficient use of resources for most specialties.

Digital Health December 14, 2022

Digital Health Trends to Watch in 2023 December 14, 2022

We're crowdsourcing predictions from digital health leaders to bring you some of the top trends likely to make a big impact in 2023.

Telehealth December 15, 2022

Telehealth Startups Sharing Patient Data December 15, 2022

A joint report between STAT and The Markup cast a spotlight on telehealth companies sharing sensitive patient information with advertisers.

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