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Telehealth May 15, 2022

Measuring Telehealth Outcomes During the Pandemic May 15, 2022

New research published in JAMA Network Open examined the difference in outcomes between telehealth versus in-person encounters.

Digital Health May 1, 2022

Biofourmis Secures $300M for Personalized Care May 1, 2022

Biofourmis is now a unicorn after rising $300M to advance its progress in remote patient monitoring and digital therapeutics.

Digital Health April 27, 2022

Reuters Digital Health 2022 Takeaways April 27, 2022

Reuters hosted its Digital Health 2022 event with an agenda focused on the practices that enable providers to deliver quality care.

Digital Health April 25, 2022

NexHealth Raises $125M for Universal API April 25, 2022

NexHealth announced the close of $125M in Series C funding to help create the infrastructure needed for frictionless patient experiences.

Telehealth April 20, 2022

The Telehealth Era Is Just Beginning April 20, 2022

“The Telehealth Era Is Just Beginning” is a fitting title for the bullish stance on virtual care featured in this month’s issue of the HBR.

Telehealth April 17, 2022

Iris Raises $40M to Fight Mental Health Crisis April 17, 2022

With much of the pandemic-driven adoption of virtual mental health services looking like it’s here to stay, Iris Telehealth recently closed $40M in Series B funding to help its telepsychiatry services keep up with a demand that’s “grown exponentially” over the past two years. Iris’ telepsychiatry platform is designed to help US health systems and […]

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