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Patient Engagement August 3, 2022

Optum: Patient Expectations vs Reality August 3, 2022

Optum surveyed 1,000 consumers to explore how providers can adapt their digital on-ramps to healthcare to optimize for patient satisfaction.

Patient Engagement July 20, 2022

Happify Health Weaves a New Path as Twill July 20, 2022

Happify Health recently re-introduced itself to the world as Twill, marking its transition from a wellness app to a clinical-grade platform.

Digital Health July 17, 2022

CVS Health 2022 Health Care Insights Study July 17, 2022

CVS Health’s 2022 Health Care Insights Study revealed that people are eager for the next chapter in their health journeys.

Digital Health July 13, 2022

Rock Health: Funding Cools Off in H1 2022 July 13, 2022

After a record shattering 2021, Rock Health's 1H digital health funding recap shows that the frothiness has officially turned to a fade.

Digital Health July 10, 2022

Tebra Closes $72M to Become Digital Backbone for Independent Practices July 10, 2022

Physician enablement company Tebra closed $72M in growth financing to become the digital backbone for independent healthcare practices.

Digital Health July 5, 2022

The Promise of Digital Health July 5, 2022

The National Academy of Medicine published a roadmap for digital innovation with an author list filled with leading industry voices.

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