Amwell Launches Comprehensive Behavioral Health Program

It’s officially #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, making it a great time to show some genuine support to your friends and colleagues, and an opportune moment for virtual care providers like Amwell to launch behavioral health solutions.

Amwell recently debuted the Amwell Comprehensive Behavioral Health Program, combining the digital cognitive behavioral therapy programs of SilverCloud Health (acquired last year) with virtual care provided by psychiatrists from Amwell Medical Group.

  • Members undergo individual evaluations before selecting either self-guided or coach-supported care, and can then be referred to virtual therapy and psychiatry as needed.
  • The solution can be tailored to meet specific population needs, enabling payors and providers to deliver personalized experiences for various severities and care delivery preferences.

The new program extends Amwell’s growing suite of behavioral health tools, which includes Amwell Psychiatric Care for acute psychiatric needs and ED clinical support, as well as the SilverCloud Health Family Support Suite to help new parents and their children manage mental health concerns.

  • Behavioral health is one of healthcare’s most capacity-strained areas, and the pandemic has only exacerbated the problem.
  • Amwell cites research that 60% of US counties don’t have a single psychiatrist, and that 41% of adults have felt anxious or depressed during the pandemic.

The Takeaway
Amwell is clearly committed to quickly scaling its virtual behavioral health portfolio, which is a pretty natural direction to pursue given the huge need and telehealth’s ability to help address it. Behavioral health might also be one of the only clinical areas where telehealth represents a truly preferred substitute to in-person care, and Amwell’s recent investment in the area should go a long way toward making its services durable as patients begin returning to in-person care.

GoodRx Launches Online Health Resource

Digital pharmacy tool GoodRx recently launched an expansive online resource called GoodRx Health to provide research-based answers to popular health questions.

GoodRx Health takes a different approach than other consumer health destinations, offering actionable insights through GoodRx Answers and a Health Wizard for navigating difficult decisions.

  • GoodRx’s current services include app-based prescription tracking and a telehealth platform called GoodRx Care, which provides virtual primary care services.
  • GoodRx Help adds new ways for users to explore the company’s library of Video Explainers and editorial content, a large strategy shift that pushes the company beyond its current role as a comparison tool.
  • GoodRx’s new strategy targets every stage of a consumer’s healthcare journey, uniting the company’s platforms by directing diagnosis-seeking consumers from GoodRx Health to its GoodRx Care telehealth service for treatment.

The Takeaway

GoodRx Health is far from a small content play to drive more traffic to a website. GoodRx is doing everything in its power to leverage the 20m monthly users already visiting its site, from hiring a 50 person editorial team helmed by the former executive editor of WIRED, Thomas Goetz, to acquiring health video company HealthiNation for $75m in April.

WebMD and symplr announced a similar partnership in August, which allows WebMD users to go from a health information search to scheduling a telehealth appointment in three clicks. GoodRx’s vertical integration of these services could position it as a leader among companies operating in the overlap between health information and treatment.

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