Hims & Hers Partners With Carbon Health

Direct-to-consumer telehealth company Hims & Hers is partnering with hybrid care provider Carbon Health to give its California patients better access to in-person primary care. 

The new partnership enables licensed medical professionals on the Hims & Hers platform to direct patients to Carbon Health clinics if in-person treatments are needed.

Hims & Hers has been quickly integrating its retail and virtual care offerings as it looks to create “a one-stop shop for a new generation of consumers” in search of convenient healthcare.

  • The company launched in 2017 with a focus on D2C men’s health products, but has since broadened its platform to include virtual primary care and therapy services.
  • These new services allow Hims & Hers to offer a wider range of care options to its growing membership base, which doubled to 609k active users in 2021.
  • The Carbon Health collaboration adds another brick-and-mortar provider to Hims and Hers’ partner network, which now allows its members to access comprehensive primary care in seven states.

Carbon Health currently operates 83 clinics across 12 states, and recently raised $350M to help scale to 1,500 clinics by 2025.

  • Working together with Hims & Hers should give momentum to Carbon Health’s patient acquisition efforts, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the partnership expand to other states if successful in California.

The Takeaway

By embracing partnerships with companies like Carbon Health, Hims & Hers can provide access to in-person care without the burden of developing its own brick-and-mortar clinics. This strengthens Hims & Hers’ value proposition to its large membership base while allowing it to serve as a referral partner for local providers, which seems like a solid approach as long as it can execute on the strategy.

Carbon Health Acquires RPM Company Alertive Healthcare

Carbon Health is extending its home-based care capabilities with the acquisition of remote patient monitoring (RPM) company Alertive Healthcare. 

The move highlights Carbon Health’s focus on having a greater impact outside of its physical clinics at a time when an increasing number of providers are adopting hybrid care models.

  • Alertive Healthcare offers a range of RPM tools and hardware for proactively managing patients across a variety of specialties (primary care, cardiology, neurology, nephrology). Alertive’s platform records patient data and sends alerts to providers to decrease the treatment time for chronic conditions.
  • Carbon Health provides an “omnichannel care” platform designed to meet patients where they are by delivering care through multiple avenues (in-person clinics, home-based care, and virtually with the Carbon Health app).
  • The acquisition allows Carbon Health to integrate Alertive Healthcare’s tools and services into its existing care delivery model. Carbon Health will provide Alertive’s connected devices and monitoring sensors to patients so that they can share vitals with providers. 

Industry Impact

Carbon Health is investing in hardware as a key pillar of its omnichannel care model. The company operates over 90 brick-and-mortar primary care clinics across 14 states, but has been expanding into new channels to meet its goal of becoming “the largest primary care provider in the US” with over 1.5k clinics by 2025. The Alertive Healthcare acquisition arrives shortly after Carbon Health bought remote glucose monitoring company Steady Health in June, which marked its first venture into home-based care.

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