Privia Health Reports Strong Momentum in Q2

Privia’s a tough company to pin down with a one sentence definition. It’s a physician enablement platform, a multi-specialty medical group, and a risk bearing entity rolled into one.

It’s also one of the best performing digital health IPOs of the past few years, and the wide scope of its operations made its Q2 earnings report a solid bellwether for some of healthcare’s biggest themes.

Here’s the quarter in three bullets:

  • Privia’s total Q2 revenue was $335.5M (+49%), adjusted EBITDA came in at $15.5M (+55%), it repaid all outstanding debt, and it raised its full-year guidance. Not bad at a time when layoffs are growing more common than funding rounds.
  • Privia’s platform helps physicians strengthen their practices while preserving their independence, and part of its success can be attributed to the fact that it caters to all provider types, all care settings, and all reimbursement models. 
  • This flexibility has helped Privia scale to nearly 900 locations, 4M patients, 3,500 providers, and over 850k lives under value-based contracts. It operates in 8 states, leaving 42 to go.

Unlike many of its peers, Privia’s asset-light approach doesn’t involve building out its own clinics, even though it technically has all the pieces in place to do so. This has played to its advantage as the market cools off and profitability becomes the flavor of the month.

  • Instead, Privia forms its providers into regional medical groups then equips them with its full technology stack and management services, enabling them to generate shared savings.
  • Privia then takes it a step further by forming the risk bearing entity that leverages the provider network and payor relations to enter value-based contracts, giving it one of the most robust strategies of any “physician enablement” company.

The Takeaway

The main takeaway from Privia’s Q2 call probably depends on your corner of the market, but the broad-based momentum it reported makes it an interesting case study on a unique model that appears to be firing on all cylinders. Privia’s role at the intersection of SaaS, management services, and value-based care makes it worth keeping an eye on, and so far it looks like there’ll be plenty more news to keep up with.

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