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Digital Health October 16, 2022

DHW Q&A: The New Staffing Landscape With connectRN October 16, 2022

In this DHW Q&A, we sat down with connectRN CEO Ted Jeanloz to discuss the new ways that human-centered design can support healthcare staff.

Startups October 12, 2022

Brave Raises $40M for Medicaid Mental Health October 12, 2022

Brave Health is looking to put a twist on the Medicaid mental healthcare model with $40M in Series C funding.

Digital Health October 9, 2022

The Current State of Hospital Finances October 9, 2022

Kaufman Hall published an in-depth update on the current state of hospital finances and it looks like we could be in for a rocky 2023.

Digital Health October 5, 2022

Rock Health Q3 2022 Funding Recap October 5, 2022

The end of Q3 means it’s time for another digital health funding wrap-up from our friends over at Rock Health.

Value-Based Care October 2, 2022

Why Healthcare is a Squid Game October 2, 2022

Wah Yan put out a great article that explores how well-intentioned actors have managed to turn healthcare into a Squid Game.

Primary Care September 28, 2022

Cano Health Explores Potential Acquisition September 28, 2022

The retail health M&A saga doesn’t seem to want to take a week off, and Cano Health is now the latest company to drum up acquisition rumors.

Remote Care September 24, 2022

The Future of Home and Community Care September 24, 2022

An NEJM commentary by Optum leadership laid out the key components of home care models and the steps that can make them a reality.

Digital Health September 21, 2022

Judge Greenlights UnitedHealth’s Change Acquisition September 21, 2022

A federal judge denied the DOJ’s attempt to block UnitedHealth Group’s $13B acquisition of Change Healthcare.

Digital Health September 18, 2022

AMA Report Shows Strong Digital Health Adoption September 18, 2022

An AMA survey tracked not only digital health usage stats, but also physician motivations for adopting new solutions.

Startups September 14, 2022

Redesign Health Closes $65M to Launch Startups September 14, 2022

Redesign Health raised a $65M Series C round to help launch healthcare startups with its unique venture accelerator model.

Value-Based Care September 11, 2022

Walmart & UnitedHealth’s VBC Collaboration September 11, 2022

Walmart and UnitedHealth Group inked a 10-year partnership to deliver care to hundreds of thousands of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.

Telehealth September 7, 2022

Telehealth Flexibilities Reduced Opioid Overdoses September 7, 2022

A study in JAMA Psychiatry found that pandemic-era telehealth flexibilities lowered the odds of opioid overdoses among Medicare patients.

Remote Care September 5, 2022

CVS Acquires Signify Health for $8B September 5, 2022

The Signify Health acquisition saga has officially reached its conclusion, with CVS Health agreeing to acquire the home care company for $8B.

Digital Health August 31, 2022

General Catalyst and WellSpan’s Digital Transformation August 31, 2022

General Catalyst's healthcare hot streak is heating up with a new digital transformation partnership with WellSpan Health.

Startups August 29, 2022

Mental Health Startup Alma Raises $130M August 29, 2022

Digital health’s recent momentum saw another boost this week as mental health startup Alma hauled in a massive $130M Series D round.

Digital Health August 24, 2022

Amazon Ends Amazon Care, Pursues Signify August 24, 2022

Amazon had a busy week in healthcare after shutting down its Amazon Care operations and joining the race to acquire Signify Health.

Digital Health August 21, 2022

Incredible Health Closes $80M Series B August 21, 2022

Incredible Health landed $80M in Series B funding as it looks to flip the script on the healthcare worker shortage.

Patient Engagement August 17, 2022

Why Healthcare Needs a Flywheel August 17, 2022

Providence’s digital health leaders make a strong case that it's time for healthcare to start taking advantage of flywheels.

Value-Based Care August 14, 2022

Privia Health Reports Strong Momentum in Q2 August 14, 2022

The wide scope of Privia's operations made its Q2 earnings report a solid bellwether for some of healthcare’s biggest themes.

Value-Based Care August 10, 2022

CVS In Talks to Acquire Signify Health August 10, 2022

The Wall Street Journal reported that CVS Health is in talks to acquire tech-driven value-based care enabler Signify Health.

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