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Digital Health August 24, 2023

Everything That Washed Ashore at Epic UGM August 24, 2023

We recap all the biggest new features and partnerships announcement at the latest Epic User Group Meeting.

Startups August 21, 2023

Viome Closes $86M to Bring Gut Tests to the Masses August 21, 2023

Viome Life Sciences just landed $86.5M of Series C funding to be the first company to bring gut tests to the masses.

Artificial Intelligence August 17, 2023

Bain & Co: Getting the Most Out of Generative AI August 17, 2023

Bain & Company's latest generative AI research offers ways for providers to get the most out of the tech without falling for the hype.

Population Health August 14, 2023

Social Needs Impact on Diabetes Management August 14, 2023

Study shows that health-related social needs have a major impact on care quality and utilization for people with type 2 diabetes.

Digital Health August 10, 2023

Elevance: Hospital Acquisitions Harming Patients August 10, 2023

Elevance published a great report that suggests hospital acquisitions aren’t doing patients any favors in terms of care quality.

Remote Care August 7, 2023

TytoCare Lands $49M to Expand to Chronic Care August 7, 2023

TytoCare is $49M closer to making virtual primary care a reality after landing funding to expand its portfolio of remote diagnostics.

Telehealth August 3, 2023

Amazon Clinic Expands to All 50 States August 3, 2023

Amazon is well on its way to bringing us ultra convenient healthcare, with Amazon Clinic expanding to all 50 states.

Population Health July 31, 2023

Misdiagnoses Linked to 370k Deaths Annually July 31, 2023

A new study in The BMJ suggests that the full impact of misdiagnoses in the U.S. is likely being seriously underestimated by the medical community.

Telehealth July 27, 2023

Teladoc Posts Solid Q2 Across All Segments July 27, 2023

Teladoc Health just released its second quarter earnings, and the results were somewhere between a return-to-form and an absolute home run.

Startups July 24, 2023

K Health Raises $59M for Chat-First Care July 24, 2023

K Health locked in $59M and a new strategic investment from Cedars-Sinai to help scale its chat-first care platform.

Telehealth July 20, 2023

Telehealth Only Effective For Some Conditions July 20, 2023

Research out of the University of Texas suggests telehealth’s promise of lowering utilization isn’t as straightforward as it appears.

Home Care July 17, 2023

7wireVentures: Home is Where the Health Is July 17, 2023

7wireVentures lays out why we’re still in the “nascent stages” of the shift to home care and gives three predictions for the segment.

Startups July 13, 2023

Rock Health H1 2023 Funding Recap July 13, 2023

Rock Health’s H1 2023 digital health funding report confirmed the writing on the wall, we’re in a new market cycle.

Digital Health July 10, 2023

Which Components of CBT Actually Drive Outcomes? July 10, 2023

A study in JAMA Psychiatry investigated which individual components of cognitive behavioral therapy actually drive outcomes.

Population Health July 6, 2023

PwC: Healthcare Costs Projected to Rise 7% July 6, 2023

PwC predicts that healthcare costs will rise 7% in 2024 and breaks down the factors underpinning medical inflation.

Startups June 29, 2023

DexCare Lands $75M to Merchandise Care June 29, 2023

DexCare just landed $75M in Series C funding to merchandise healthcare just two years after spinning out from Providence.

Population Health June 26, 2023

Medicare Advantage’s Favorable Selection Problem June 26, 2023

Researchers at the USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics are calling for Medicare Advantage policy reform.

Value-Based Care June 22, 2023

Aledade Closes $260M for VBC Enablement June 22, 2023

Aledade raised what looks like its "last funding round needed" after securing an eye-popping $260M in Series F capital.

Digital Health June 20, 2023

Laudio Lands $13M to Tackle Burnout June 20, 2023

Workforce management startup Laudio landed a $13M Series B round to tackle labor productivity and burnout.

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