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2023 Trends Shaping the Health Economy

Trilliant 2023

There have been some amazing healthcare market updates published recently, but Trilliant Health’s 2023 Trends Shaping the Health Economy Report might just take the cake.

The expansive analysis highlights 10 trends that define the emerging landscape of the health economy, as well as the corresponding challenges for each stakeholder.

It goes deep… 147 pages deep to be exact, but it’s well worth the time if you can find it. That said, time is a hot commodity, so here’s the breakdown:

  1. The commercial coverage market continues to erode
  2. The physical and mental health of Americans is unraveling
  3. Drug and diagnostic investments signal emerging patient needs
  4. The tepid demand trajectory for healthcare services persists
  5. Consumer behaviors are starting to manifest in patient decision making
  6. The traditional care pathway is becoming disintermediated
  7. New models of care further constraining provider supply
  8. The monopolistic effects of provider M&A are overstated
  9. Employers are facing higher costs for less care
  10. The market yield has been revealed, and it’s lower than you think

Where do we go from here? Stakeholders that depend on the commercial population can no longer ignore the fact that healthcare is a negative-sum game, with costs outpacing the value that’s created. Demand is heading in the wrong direction, and we cover new entrants commoditizing services on a weekly basis. The way to “lose less” is to compete on value.

It’s the same strategy for every payor, provider, and pharma company. The tactics are what’s different. Pick your battles, cut losses early, and lose less frequently / by a smaller margin than the competition. There isn’t enough space to get into those here, but 147 pages definitely gets the job done. 

The Takeaway

These trends each stem from the fact that healthcare is a negative-sum game, and that every part of the health economy will be impacted by reduced yield. Demand is declining alongside the number of people with commercial health coverage, while at the same time new entrants are commoditizing services and making loyalty harder to capture. Although the answer to this problem isn’t nicely tucked away in the report, Trilliant does a masterful job highlighting the trends that might help find it.

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