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Telehealth January 5, 2023

Telehealth Rarely Requires In-Person Follow-Ups January 5, 2023

Epic Research put out a new study suggesting that telehealth is an efficient use of resources for most specialties.

Digital Health December 14, 2022

Digital Health Trends to Watch in 2023 December 14, 2022

We're crowdsourcing predictions from digital health leaders to bring you some of the top trends likely to make a big impact in 2023.

Telehealth December 15, 2022

Telehealth Startups Sharing Patient Data December 15, 2022

A joint report between STAT and The Markup cast a spotlight on telehealth companies sharing sensitive patient information with advertisers.

Digital Health December 5, 2022

Sonde Raises $19M for Voice-Based Screening December 5, 2022

Sonde Health is turning its sights to global expansion after landing a string of new partnerships and $19.25M in Series B funding.

Digital Health December 8, 2022

CB Insights Digital Health 150 Report 2022 December 8, 2022

CB Insights released its Digital Health 150 rankings of digital health startups, and we dive into the biggest trends shaping the landscape.

Value-Based Care December 4, 2022

UpStream Lands $140M for VBC Services December 4, 2022

VBC tech startup UpStream Healthcare added to the recent string of digital health mega-rounds with an eye-popping $140M Series B raise.

Digital Health December 1, 2022 Raises $27M for Ambient Monitoring December 1, 2022

Ambient monitoring startup raised $27M to help passively monitor patients and automate manual provider workflows.

Digital Health November 27, 2022

The Biggest Company in the World November 27, 2022

Andreessen Horowitz dives into why it thinks the biggest company in the world will be a consumer health tech company.

Remote Care November 20, 2022

DispatchHealth Lands $330M for In-Home Care November 20, 2022

It looks like 2022 isn’t finished with the megarounds quite yet, with DispatchHealth hauling in $330M to build out its in-home services.

Digital Health November 16, 2022

HLTH 2022 Recap and Major Announcements November 16, 2022

If you weren’t able to make it to HLTH, we’ve got you covered with a roundup of the biggest announcements that were showcased.

Digital Health November 14, 2022

2022 Digital Health M&A Trends November 14, 2022

Rock Health did a deep dive into the digital health M&A trends that have defined 2022 as the funding bubble lets some air out.

Primary Care November 10, 2022

VillageMD Acquires Summit Health for $8.9B November 10, 2022

Walgreens-backed VillageMD acquired Summit Health for the cool sum of $8.9B, making it one of the largest primary care providers in the US.

Digital Health November 7, 2022

Headspace Launches Unified Mental Health Platform November 7, 2022

Headspace and Ginger are launching a unified experience that combines their services into a comprehensive mental health platform.

Patient Engagement November 2, 2022

Healthjoy Lands $60M for Benefits Navigation November 2, 2022

Employees love health benefits almost as much as they hate navigating them, which is why Healthjoy closed $60M to simplify the process.

Telehealth October 31, 2022

Teladoc Reports Strong Q3 on BetterHelp Performance October 31, 2022

Teladoc’s third quarter earnings report is in, and it’s looking like the company might finally be hitting its stride on improving margins.

Digital Health October 26, 2022

Providers Double Down on Software Investment October 26, 2022

A new Bain report shows that providers are doubling down on software investments, even in the face of macroeconomic turbulence.

Digital Health October 23, 2022

2022 Trends Shaping the Health Economy October 23, 2022

Trilliant released a new health economy report providing a unique perspective on the healthcare market through the lens of supply and demand.

Remote Care October 19, 2022

Inbound Health Connects the Dots for Home Care October 19, 2022

Inbound Health is emerging from stealth to connect the dots between current capabilities and ideal at-home care programs.

Digital Health October 16, 2022

DHW Q&A: The New Staffing Landscape With connectRN October 16, 2022

In this DHW Q&A, we sat down with connectRN CEO Ted Jeanloz to discuss the new ways that human-centered design can support healthcare staff.

Startups October 12, 2022

Brave Raises $40M for Medicaid Mental Health October 12, 2022

Brave Health is looking to put a twist on the Medicaid mental healthcare model with $40M in Series C funding.

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