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Startups February 8, 2024

Fabric Acquires Conversational AI Startup Gyant February 8, 2024

Healthcare operations enabler Fabric, formerly known as Florence, acquired conversational AI assistant Gyant.

Artificial Intelligence February 5, 2024

How Health Systems Are Approaching AI February 5, 2024

NEJM AI published a stellar breakdown of how academic medical centers are managing the influx of predictive models and AI tools.

Artificial Intelligence February 1, 2024

AI Therapists in VR Help With Provider Shortage February 1, 2024

New research suggests that virtual reality might be part of the answer to the nation’s mental health provider shortage.

Startups January 29, 2024

Turquoise Takes $30M Step Along Path To Transparency January 29, 2024

Turquoise Health landed $30M in Series B funding to shine an AI-powered light through the fog of medical costs.

Population Health January 25, 2024

Closing the Women’s Health Gap January 25, 2024

The World Economic Forum and McKinsey published an in-depth report to unpack the underlying factors driving the women's health gap.

Patient Engagement January 22, 2024

Innovaccer Acquires Marketing and CRM Platform Cured January 22, 2024

Innovaccer acquired healthcare marketing and CRM platform Cured to make it a cornerstone of its patient experience roadmap.

Startups January 18, 2024

Artisight Closes $42M to Put Eyes on Operational Inefficiency January 18, 2024

Artisight closed a $42M Series B round to help hospitals get a better picture of their operational inefficiencies.

Digital Health January 11, 2024

Rock Health 2023 Full-Year Funding Recap January 11, 2024

Rock Health’s 2023 digital health funding numbers were bleak, but also had some silver linings that could bode well for the year ahead.

Artificial Intelligence January 8, 2024

Nabla Kicks Off the Year With $24M Series B January 8, 2024

Nabla hit the ground running in 2024 with a $24M Series B less than year after the US launch of its Nabla Copilot ambient AI assistant.

Providers January 4, 2024

Does Private Equity Spike Adverse Events? January 4, 2024

Private equity firms are back under fire, this time for driving an outsized number of adverse events at their hospitals.

Digital Health December 18, 2023

Digital Health at the Turn of 2024 December 18, 2023

Rock Health shared its biggest trends for 2024, based on where they stand along its “innovation maturity curve.”

Digital Health December 14, 2023

Medallion Sets Sights On Tackling Administrative Burden December 14, 2023

Medallion is setting out to automate away the cumbersome operational processes at the core of administrative complexity.

Payors December 11, 2023

CVS Overhauls Drug Costs, Healthspire Rebrand December 11, 2023

CVS' investor day brought an avalanche of announcements and major overhauls to its pharmacy and services segments.

Patient Engagement December 7, 2023

Hospitals Don’t Know If Patients Are Dead December 7, 2023

A research letter in JAMA highlighted a grim trend in health system record keeping: EHRs frequently overlook patient deaths.

Artificial Intelligence December 4, 2023

GPT-4 Capable of Diagnosing Complex Cases December 4, 2023

Early-release study out of NEJM AI found that GPT-4 correctly diagnosed over half of complex clinical cases.

Payors November 30, 2023

Cigna and Humana Eye Blockbuster Merger November 30, 2023

An upcoming mega-merger between Cigna and Humana could create a new payor powerhouse before the end of next month.

Digital Health November 27, 2023

How Health-Tech Founders Can Survive a Brutal 2024 November 27, 2023

Christina Farr put out a feast of insights just in time for Thanksgiving, sharing “How Health-Tech Founders Can Survive a Brutal 2024."

Primary Care November 20, 2023

Forward Closes $100M For AI CarePods November 20, 2023

Forward landed $100M in Series E funding to launch fully self-service AI medical stations called CarePods.

Value-Based Care November 16, 2023

Measure What Matters… To Patients November 16, 2023

Kaufman Hall explores how to quantify consumer relationships and incorporate that data into healthcare operations.

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