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Patient Engagement October 17, 2021

Unsatisfied Patients Turn to the Internet October 17, 2021

Patient-provider communication breakdowns leave patients confused about their health, prompting many to turn to other resources.

Primary Care October 17, 2021

Walgreens Doubles Down on Primary Care October 17, 2021

Walgreens is taking an ownership stake in VillageMD with a $5.2b investment, accelerating its value-based primary care strategy.

Telehealth October 13, 2021

Equum Medical Expands Decentralized Provider Network October 13, 2021

Acute care telehealth provider Equum Medical has been actively hiring and broadening the reach of its multispecialty clinicians.

Remote Care October 13, 2021

Best Buy Acquires Remote Care Company Current Health October 13, 2021

Best Buy acquired care-at-home company Current Health as it turns to new areas to fuel growth beyond its core technology business.

Remote Care October 10, 2021

Carbon Health Acquires RPM Company Alertive Healthcare October 10, 2021

Carbon Health is extending its home-based care capabilities with the acquisition of RPM company Alertive Healthcare.

Telehealth October 10, 2021

Teladoc Virtual Primary Care Expands Nationwide October 10, 2021

Teladoc Health is expanding Primary360 to US health plans, establishing the primary care solution as a hub for its full suite of offerings.

Digital Health October 6, 2021

Graphite Health Announces Open Marketplace October 6, 2021

Graphite Health recently launched with the goal of creating an open marketplace for digital health apps.

Digital Health October 6, 2021

Digital Health Funding Tops $21B in 2021 October 6, 2021

With three months left in 2021, digital health funding has reached a staggering total of $21.3b across 541 deals.

Telehealth October 3, 2021

GoodRx Launches Online Health Resource October 3, 2021

GoodRx recently launched online resource GoodRx Health to provide research-based answers to popular health questions.

Digital Health October 3, 2021

Amazon Announces Healthcare Accelerator Finalists October 3, 2021

Amazon announced the ten finalists for its AWS Healthcare Accelerator, connecting them with AWS partners looking for healthcare solutions.

Patient Engagement September 29, 2021

DHW Q&A: Humanizing Healthcare With Accenture September 29, 2021

We sat down with Accenture’s Darryl Gibbings-Isaac, MD, to discuss the future of digital health and patient-centered design.

Patient Engagement September 26, 2021

Unite Us Acquires NowPow for Community Care September 26, 2021

Unite Us aquires NowPow, a personalized community referral engine that aids in connecting communities to needed resources.

Digital Health September 26, 2021

Verily Starts Planning for Life After Google September 26, 2021

Verily is working to distance itself from Google technology as it plans for a possible future outside of its parent company.

Digital Health September 22, 2021

Xealth Makes Digital Health Usable September 22, 2021

Xealth raises funding to expand its platform to help physicians organize their digital health tool ecosystems.

Digital Health September 22, 2021

Under the Radar Healthcare Disruptors September 22, 2021

A new Rock Health blog post outlines could-be disruptors with a chance to make a large impact.

Remote Care September 20, 2021

Unlocking Value With Digital Patient Monitoring September 20, 2021

New research from Deloitte and Harvard CBE highlights the value of digital patient monitoring, which provides benefits patients and healthcare systems.

Telehealth September 19, 2021

Spring Health is the Latest Mental Health Unicorn September 19, 2021

Spring Health recently raised $190m to launch the first cohesive mental health experience for families.

Telehealth September 15, 2021

Telehealth Expected to Dominate Patient Care September 15, 2021

HPE survey explores the pandemic’s impact on healthcare technology.

Telehealth September 15, 2021

Tia Raises $100M for Hybrid Women’s Care September 15, 2021

Tia recently closed $100m to scale its “whole-woman, whole-life” model to over 100k women by 2023.

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