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Hinge Health Raises $600M for Digital MSK Treatment

Hinge Health
Image Credit: Hinge Health

In a virtual care landscape where many competitors are looking to address multiple conditions with a single solution, Hinge Health is setting itself apart by taking the opposite approach.

Last week, online musculoskeletal (MSK) clinic Hinge Health raised $600m to help build its team and platform, doubling the fast-growing startup’s valuation to $6.2b. Despite the influx of capital, Hinge is keeping a singular focus on musculoskeletal therapy, and tackling the problem with a deep roster of solutions.

  • Hinge launched in 2015 with a mission to improve MSK treatment by combining wearable sensors and computer vision-assisted physical therapy with a multidisciplinary team of physical therapists, doctors, and health coaches.
  • Several acquisitions have helped fuel Hinge’s growth within the last few months, including both Enso (manufactures devices for electrical stimulation pain relief) and wrnch (digitizes human motion with computer vision).
  • Hinge’s holistic approach covers the complete MSK journey from prevention to post-surgery, using HingeConnect to integrate patients’ external EMR data and ensure continuous coordination with other providers.
  • Over 80% of employers that cover digital MSK solutions choose Hinge’s platform, utilizing it to reduce unnecessary surgeries through preventative interventions. Hinge doubled its customer base to 575 companies over the past year. 

The Takeaway

By keeping MSK treatment as its exclusive focus, Hinge has quickly built one of the most robust solutions on the market while bridging the gap between in-person and digital care. The new funding adds to this momentum, and could lead to more developments for MSK patients seeking accessible care.

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