FemTec Health Emerges From Stealth, Acquires Birchbox

FemTech Health
Image Credit: FemTech Health

Former Livongo executive Dr. Kimon Angelides announced that FemTec Health, a technology-focused women’s health sciences company, is emerging from stealth with $38m in funding and the acquisition of subscription box pioneer Birchbox.

FemTec was originally formed in May 2020 with the aim of using technology to personalize care for women across the health continuum, from specialty and reproductive care to mental health and chronic condition management.

  • At launch, FemTec has over 10m members, two in-progress clinical trials, and 150 employees. Using a combination of AI and predictive analytics, it is looking to create a unified experience for its products and services across multiple channels, including D2C, B2B (employers, health plans), and subscriptions.
  • BiomeAI is the data analytics platform around which most of FemTec’s solutions revolve, which customizes care by using machine learning to transform data (consumer, genetic, microbiome, biometric) into personalized product and treatment recommendations.
  • Key acquisitions have helped FemTec launch with an established member base, such as digital cosmetics store Mira Beauty, social marketing platform Liquid Grid, and beauty box early mover Birchbox. FemTec announced plans to re-launch Birchbox later this year with a focus on BiomeAI-curated skin and healthcare products as opposed to beauty supplies.

The Takeaway

While FemTec is first and foremost a female health company, its acquisition history and BiomeAI recommendation platform show that it will likely focus more on consumer products than other competitors in the space. Female health is a giant market and one that’s been historically underserved, opening up plenty of runway for FemTec to meet unmet demand for personalized care.

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