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Startups June 27, 2024

Foodsmart Loads Its Plate With $200M June 27, 2024

Foodsmart loaded its plate with over $200 million to expand the reach of its virtual nutrition services.

Digital Health June 24, 2024

Spotlight on Prior Authorization, Humata Health June 24, 2024

Humata Health added $25M in unlabeled funding to advance its AI prior auth automation suite for payors and providers.

Startups June 20, 2024

Talkiatry Hauls in $130M Series C June 20, 2024

Business is booming for virtual behavioral health providers like Talkiatry, which just hauled in $130M in Series C funding.

Digital Health June 13, 2024

Telehealth Struggles to Live Up to Expectations June 13, 2024

Trilliant Health’s latest telehealth tracker shows that demand has only headed downhill since the initial spike, now 54.7% below their peak.

Population Health June 10, 2024

Are Preventable Hospitalizations A Flawed Measure? June 10, 2024

Preventable hospitalizations are a widely adopted quality measure that ended up in the crosshairs of a new opinion piece in Health Affairs.

Startups June 10, 2024

Sword Health Lands $130M, Unveils Phoenix AI June 10, 2024

Sword Health is officially on a hot streak, with $130 million in fresh funding and a new AI care specialist named Phoenix.

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