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WellSky Invests in Community Care


Sometimes having a great community impact is as simple as a corporate mega-buyout. Health-tech company WellSky is acquiring Healthify for an undisclosed amount to expand access to its healthcare networks while addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH).

  • What’s SDOH? All of the socio-economic conditions that affect health outcomes or quality-of-life, including: access to healthcare, education, economic stability, and community.
  • What’s Healthify? Healthify connects healthcare providers with community-based organizations, then allows them to track the success of interventions with an interoperable technology platform. 
  • Why does WellSky want it? Instead of building its SDOH offerings from the ground up, WellSky can leverage Healthify’s network of community organizations (and its closed-loop referral platform) to help payers and providers effectively coordinate care.

The Takeaway

Adding Healthify’s community-based SDOH referral platform to WellSky’s existing technology suite creates one of the largest social services networks in the US. The scale of the combined solution should allow for better ROI analysis and clinical data, which might mean improved patient outcomes and health equity over the long run.

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