Turquoise Takes $30M Step Along Path To Transparency

Turquoise Health

Healthcare pricing looks like it’s on its way to becoming more transparent, with Turquoise Health landing $30M in Series B funding to shine an AI-powered light through the fog of medical costs.

Since launching in 2020 prior to hospital and payor transparency regulations, Turquoise has built a comprehensive database of negotiated prices for healthcare services, allowing patients to understand costs beforehand… similar to pretty much every other industry.

  • While that information is publically available through Turquoise’s website, payors and providers use the Turquoise platform to ensure they’re well-armed at the negotiating table and compliant with current regulations.
  • Turquoise also recently expanded its platform to include Clear Contracts, a tool that leverages AI to streamline the direct contracting process and uncover relevant insights from its dataset.

Over 160 partners already work with Turquoise, ranging from payors and providers to employers and device manufacturers looking to understand their markets. The latest funding will help onboard these recently-added clients into Turquoise’s growing product suite.

  • The funding will also accelerate the introduction of new AI features aimed at making Turquoise’s data as intuitive to use as possible, such as by allowing hospitals to upload their contract documents before asking the AI how certain terms compare.
  • Although transparency compliance has been heading in the right direction, Turquoise is also gearing up to help more organizations meet new reporting requirements that are just around the corner (which it did a great job outlining here).

Now that Turquoise seems to have cracked the code on compiling negotiated rates, it’s setting its sights on moving past data toward an integrated platform centered on administrative efficiency. New AI tools are almost purpose-built to wade through the PDFs where pricing policies hide, and Turquoise won’t be wasting any time incorporating those tools into its platform.

The Takeaway

Price transparency data has come a long way since 2021, and it’s safe to say that AI has come just as far. With transparency requirements only set to become more stringent, demand for platforms using AI to transmute that data into operational gold will only continue to grow, and Turquoise now has $30M to help ensure it’s healthcare’s alchemist of choice.

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