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Transcarent Lands $126M Series D

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Although Transcarent was already a unicorn, it might be about to grow another horn after landing $126M in Series D funding at a $2.2B valuation.

The Transcarent platform makes it easy for employees to access all of their care needs using a single convenient interface – their phone – while also simplifying how employers provide and track that care.

  • The platform connects members to comprehensive experiences including Everyday Care, Pharmacy Care, Surgery Care (through partnerships with health systems and ambulatory care providers), and Behavioral Health Care.
  • At a time when point solution fatigue is crippling employers and telehealth companies are imploding due to a lack of downstream revenue from other services, Transcarent’s approach definitely has a few things going for it.

The fresh funding will be used to accelerate Transcarent’s AI capabilities, support commercialization, and more than likely acquire other companies (plus the customers they bring along with them).

  • Transcarent apparently had upwards of $100M in the bank before closing the latest round, but it would appear that $226M is a more comfortable starting point when you’re looking to build-out your AI and sign some new partnerships.

The reason behind the AI push is the interconnected nature of the platform itself, which has already enabled several AI features that are harder to pull off with a more narrow approach.

  • For example, if a doctor on Transcarent’s platform reports that a patient has sinus pain, the AI will flag their seasonal sinus infections in their medical history, and can then pull the prescriptions they’ve used in the past – expediting both diagnosis and treatment.
  • If Transcarent’s last phase of growth was about reaching the scale to make that happen, the next phase will revolve around rolling out as many of these features as possible.

The Wire

If you needed any more proof that the market is looking for platforms instead of point solutions, Transcarent’s valuation should give you plenty. Both employers and consumers want a single platform to manage healthcare, and it turns out that providing one leads to good things.

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