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Reimagine Care Secures $25M for Home Cancer Care

Reimagine Care

Home-centered care startup Reimagine Care recently raised $25M in Series A funding, its first round of outside capital that it hopes will help it live up to its namesake for US cancer patients.

Reimagine Care provides technology-enabled services that support oncologists in delivering value-based care remotely, while helping health systems, payors, and employers accelerate the shift to coordinated home-centered cancer care.

  • Taking inspiration from European models for home-based cancer treatment, the Reimagine Care platform gives patients access to a 24/7 virtual care center that allows them to view their treatment plan and communicate with their care team.
  • For providers, Reimagine Care offers remote patient monitoring and end-of-life care management solutions that have been shown to reduce ER visits and inpatient admissions.
  • For payors and employers, home-centered care is “a lever for value,” improving member satisfaction while reducing adverse events such as hospital-acquired infections that drive expenses.
  • The funding follows a survey that found that 66% of healthcare executives believe home-centered cancer care offers significant potential to grow their organization, and that 60% are concerned that their organizations may fall behind if they don’t make the shift to home-centered cancer care in the near future.

The Takeaway

With the pandemic as a catalyst, cancer patients and their families have begun seeking not only the best treatments, but also the best experiences. Reimagine Care believes that health systems that are first-movers in home-centered care will have a strong advantage over those who fail to make the leap, which rings true, but time will be the judge. The company has yet to begin taking patients, and its success will hinge on the ROI that they deliver when they’re fully operational later this year.

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