Pandemic Leads to Trust Issues

Digital Health Trust Issues
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New research from patient engagement services provider SymphonyRM explored the growing distrust patients have for their doctors in the wake of COVID-19. 

A survey of 1,192 US healthcare consumers found that 41% had lost confidence in their doctor because of the pandemic, with a majority of mistrust stemming from preventable causes.

Reasons for Physician Mistrust

  • Infrequent communication about COVID-19 (53%)
  • Slow adoption of virtual care (29%)
  • Under-utilization of digital communication tools (24%)

Reasons for Improved Physician Trust

  • Quick transition to virtual care (61%)
  • High communication frequency about COVID-19 (58%)
  • Proactive use of digital communication (47%)

Patient Communication Needs

  • 41% would like to receive information about preventive screenings
  • 37% would like to receive information related to their chronic condition(s)
  • 37% would like to receive information and updates about the COVID-19 vaccine

Learning From Leaders

When asked what companies are the best at sharing information with users, 40% of respondents cited Amazon as the “gold standard” of communication. 

Amazon’s investments in real time shipping updates and 24/7 status monitoring have resonated with consumers, and it’s clear that patients are now looking for the same level of communication about their health. 

The survey suggests that providers looking to meet these evolving communication needs should look to consumer-facing brands when it comes to creating convenient experiences and driving engagement.

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