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Lightbeam Acquires Jvion to Address SDOH

Lightbeam Health Solutions

Population health management extends far beyond the moments of care delivery, which is why Lightbeam Health Solutions is acquiring Jvion to move from “predictive to prescriptive” intelligence, while bringing new health equity offerings to millions of patients.

Lightbeam helps payors and providers manage risk by generating patient cohorts for over 42M lives to provide proactive insights that ensure care is delivered when it can have the largest impact on a patient’s trajectory.

  • Jvion incorporates clinical, socioeconomic, and behavioral data to identify hidden patient risk factors across various diseases, then recommends appropriate clinical interventions taking into account these SDOH influences.
  • The acquisition will integrate Jvion’s AI-enabled prescriptive analytics and social determinants of health solutions with Lightbeam’s existing population health management services, allowing Lightbeam to incorporate more risk factors into its patient cohorts.  

Jvion’s SDOH solutions are well-aligned with Lightbeam’s other offerings, building an impactful health equity component into the “Deviceless RPM” services added through last year’s acquisition of CareSignal.

  • CareSignal’s Deviceless RPM service uses a combination of automated text messages and IVR calls to gather self-reported patient data, enabling value-based organizations to sustainably scale care teams without sacrificing engagement.
  • With Jvion and CareSignal both integrated into its portfolio, Lightbeam now provides a complimentary suite of services that optimizes risk profiles, suggests interventions based on SDoH factors, and continuously monitors patient progress.

The Takeaway

Integrating Jvion’s prescriptive analytics into Lightbeam’s core population health offering improves the cohort creation at the center of the service while allowing more SDoH data to feed into its insights. The combination of these health equity enhancements and CareSignal’s remote patient monitoring capabilities position Lightbeam as a highly scalable solution for end-to-end population health management, which seems like a solid value proposition at a time when labor shortages are the single biggest concern for most providers.

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