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Current Health
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Current Health, who raised a $43m Series B in April to expand it’s remote care management platform, has now done just that. 

Newly announced partnerships with Workpath (a Ro company) and ScriptDrop enable Current Health’s service to begin offering both in-home blood draws as well as medication delivery.

  • Workpath – Current Health’s clinical dashboard now allows physicians to determine what blood tests are needed for remote patients before using Workpath’s integrated tool to dispatch a certified phlebotomist. 
  • ScriptDrop – Physicians can now access ScriptDrop’s on-demand and same-day prescription delivery tool within Current Health’s platform, a feature that could improve patient adherence to needed medications.
  • Benefits – The fully-integrated remote care platform greatly simplifies physician workflows when ordering in-home tests or medications, with the added benefit of further reducing the need for patients to visit a lab or pharmacy.

The Takeaway

Current Health’s latest partnerships are centered around improving access for patients and finding efficiencies for physicians. The company is aiming to build a world where doctors can develop a diagnosis and provide a treatment without ever having a face-to-face interaction with a patient, and this latest expansion gets them at least two steps closer to reaching that goal.

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