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Kareo and PatientPop Merge to Help Private Practices

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Cloud-based software developer Kareo and private practice growth company PatientPop announced the closing of their merger and unveiled the combined company’s new name, Tebra.

Tebra currently supports over 100k providers and is looking to combine the technology of both companies to help modern private practices along every step of the patient journey.

  • PatientPop helps physicians grow their practices through marketing assistance, virtual scheduling, and an online platform to practice care remotely. The company offers cloud-based solutions that automate tasks such as scheduling and referrals to grow bookings.
  • Kareo provides software that supports EHRs and financial services for independent practices. The technology includes features supporting practice management, patient engagement, and third-party app connectivity.
  • Tebra, as in “vertebrae,” aims to be the backbone of private practices, integrating PatientPop’s growth solutions with Kareo’s operations tech to allow physicians to work at the top of their licence while meeting the rising patient expectations for seamless digital experiences.
  • Advantages of scale might emerge as Tebra continues expanding its client base, such as networking its physicians to drive more referrals, or even the possibility of facilitating consolidation of the offices it helps grow.

Industry Impact

As healthcare systems invest heavily in digital innovation, Tebra’s practice management platform is a lifeline for private practices trying to keep up. Without the financial buffer of larger systems, independent physicians were severely impacted by the post-pandemic declines in patient volumes, and offloading administration and growth functions onto a company like Tebra could be a piece of the solution.

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