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Headspace Launches Unified Mental Health Platform

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Headspace Health just took a massive step forward in delivering on the promise of last year’s $3B merger with Ginger, rolling out a new unified product experience that combines the services of both companies into a comprehensive mental health platform.

The integrated experience brings together Headspace’s meditation and mindfulness offerings with Ginger’s on-demand coaching, therapy, and psychiatry solutions – all within the Headspace app.

The Headspace Health overhaul is set to debut in January 2023, which should be welcome news to the employers and employees that have been calling for more mental health support as the pandemic drags on.

For employees, the new experience provides seamless navigation between Headpace’s wellness content and Ginger’s clinical services.

  • An onboarding survey helps Headspace get to know its members and create personalized care plans, then ongoing check-ins help scale the level of support to individual needs.
  • A sample program might include meditation, a mindfulness walk, and a Sleepcast, with easy escalation to text-based behavioral health coaching or therapy if warranted.

For employers, the single platform approach is designed to eliminate administrative burden, while providing high-level insights for understanding their employees’ mental health needs.

  • Employers can access joint enrollment and engagement trends, such as the percent of members using both Headspace and Ginger simultaneously, as well as aggregate outcomes data for each product.
  • An included Employee Assistance Program bolts on work-life services, critical incident support, workplace training, and manager consultations.

The Takeaway
As we enter the fourth year of the pandemic, most employers are making mental healthcare a top strategic priority, but they’re also trying to avoid cobbling together point solutions to make it happen. The new Headspace Health experience sets out to be the end-to-end solution employers are calling for, although their biggest competitor seems to have gotten the same memo. Headspace will be up against Calm’s new clinical mental health product that was announced last month.

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