Value-Based Care

Clarify Gains Momentum With $150M Raise

Clarify Series D

Value-based care is a common line item on the strategy whiteboards of many digital health startups, but few are executing on a real-world gameplan at the level of Clarify Health.

Less than a month after acquiring Embedded Healthcare to drive provider behavior change, Clarify is once again the top story of the week following the completion of a massive $150M Series D funding round led by Softbank Vision Fund 2.

To recap Clarify’s solutions, it builds cloud-based applications on top of its Clarify Atlas Platform, which maps over 300M patient journeys to illuminate areas that can be optimized to improve value-based performance.

  • The platform links clinical performance to financial impact to boost payer-provider collaboration, while helping target behavioral nudges at the moments when they’ll be most effective.
  • Clarify’s scale allows it to apply what it calls a “Moneyball-style” analytical method to healthcare, objectively assessing provider performance to identify the most efficient incentives and interventions.

Clarify’s latest investment is earmarked to accelerate the adoption of its intelligence offerings and payments technology beyond the 75 healthcare organizations it currently serves.

  • Although scaling up the client roster is obviously a top priority for most companies, it’s doubly important in the value-based care space, improving the AI-driven models that allow quality care to be compensated fairly and building the provider trust that serves as the foundation of risk-based arrangements.

The Takeaway

Clarify Health President Todd Gottula stated that the company was founded to help healthcare organizations benefit from “the big data efficiencies of the banking and consumer industries.” Clarify’s been quickly bolstering its services to make this vision a reality, and if the past year has shown us anything about the company, it’s that it won’t shy away from using its newly replenished coffers to acquire companies aligned with that goal.

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