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Biofourmis Secures $300M for Personalized Care


Biofourmis is taking a two-pronged approach to the healthcare market, leveraging its FDA-cleared data platform to fuel insights for both remote patient monitoring and the development of digital therapeutics. The completion of a $300M Series D funding round will now advance the company’s progress on both fronts, while also minting a new digital health unicorn with a valuation of $1.3B. 

The Biovitals Analytics Engine serves as the foundation of Biofourmis’ services. It employs artificial intelligence to transform biometric data into personalized baselines for each patient, allowing providers to take action as conditions begin to escalate.

Biofourmis’ Care@Home solution uses Biovitals in combination with remote monitoring devices to detect early clinical deterioration and offer dynamic care pathways.

  • These insights are supported by a staff of licensed health professionals that can respond to alerts and update treatments while coordinating with primary care teams.
  • The new financing will be used to scale up these offerings, including the expansion of the recently announced Biofourmis Care service, focused on managing patients with chronic conditions like heart failure and diabetes. 

The other half of Biofourmis’ strategy involves developing digital therapeutics by pairing Biovitals with different medications to optimize dosages as patient health begins to deviate from their baselines. 

  • Biofourmis has a full pipeline of digital therapies, and its BiovitalsHF solution for congestive heart failure is poised to be the first to reach commercialization after receiving FDA Breakthrough Device Designation in July.
  • The influx of capital will be put towards clinical trials to develop new digital therapeutics while growing the product pipeline.

The Takeaway

Remote patient monitoring solutions often live up to their name by focusing more on “monitoring” than “management.” Biofourmis is aiming to change that through a Biovitals platform that enables not only proactive home care, but also individualized insights into the efficacy of digital therapeutics.

It’s the synergies between these service lines that Biofourmis is building around. As the company begins to commercialize its own digital therapeutics, its remote care operations could serve as the perfect distribution channel.

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