Atropos Series B Bridges Evidence Gaps

Atropos Health

It’s a bad day to be an evidence gap, with Atropos Health closing $33M in Series B funding to transmute real-world data into real-world evidence.

Atropos accomplishes this alchemy by quickly producing retroactive observational studies using an evidence platform of 200M+ patient records, as well as a partner network packed with big names like Mayo Clinic and Clarify.

  • These publication-grade “Prognostograms” are used by both providers (e.g. to answer clinical questions using individually tailored RWE) and life science orgs (e.g. to emulate clinical trials that otherwise would have taken a lot longer).
  • Forbes has a solid write-up of the secret sauce on the backend – plus a nice Greek mythology lesson on the three fates whose scissors can either end or extend the lives of mortals, one of which is named Atropos.

The fresh funding will fuel a trio of initiatives centered around new ways to democratize access to RWE, which naturally includes a healthy dose of generative AI.

  • Atropos plans to “further its stake” in value-based care by continuing to invest in tailored evidence to guide clinical decisions (see its recent partnership with Arcadia), notable given that “the low hanging fruit” of VBC is mostly gone and providers are now looking for more support with complicated patients to succeed in risk-based contracts.
  • The Atropos Evidence Network is pushing into oncology and specialty care through new partnerships with McKesson and Cencora (formerly AmerisourceBergen), and Atropos intends to “double down” on life sciences collaborations after finding traction with everything from R&D to commercial use cases.
  • The full launch of ChatRWD is now slated for this summer, which is an LLM-independent framework built to eliminate hallucination risk while slashing the time needed to produce reports using a chat-based interface. A pending publication will back the great branding with some actual data in the coming months.

The Takeaway

Healthcare doesn’t have any problem generating data, but it’s proven to be a massive challenge to turn these troves of data into actionable evidence. Bridging that gap isn’t exactly a small undertaking, but Atropos now has $33M to make it happen.

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