Value-Based Care

Arcadia Acquires CareJourney to Advance VBC

At a time when many people are questioning the effectiveness of value-based care, Arcadia is doubling down on its potential to move the industry forward by acquiring health analytics firm CareJourney.

Arcadia helps payors and providers put their data to work by surfacing insights for use cases like closing care gaps, managing costs, or transitioning to VBC.

  • It recently locked in $125M to advance its analytics capabilities, which funded the launch of its data platform and the expansion of its partner ecosystem.
  • Last year’s revenue topped $100M, which put Arcadia in profitable territory.

CareJourney offers cost and quality analytics for value-based networks and providers, focusing on Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and commercial claims data.

  • Its trove of data spans across 300M+ beneficiaries and over 2M providers nationwide.
  • That data feeds an analytics platform that helps organizations strengthen their networks, improve provider performance, and better manage at-risk populations.

The power to merge clinical data with claims records makes the combined company greater than the sum of its parts.

  • The expanded data resources will fuel advanced analytics for Arcadia’s customers, enhancing their ability to pursue value-based care and market expansion.
  • As these analytics unlock new insights, the integration of CareJourney’s solutions into the Arcadia platform will give organizations more operational tools to execute their strategies for improving patient and financial outcomes.

Arcadia’s analytics models are a core differentiator from competitors like Innovaccer and Health Catalyst, and it’s now looking to separate from the pack by leaning in on its strengths.

The Takeaway

Value-based care is hard to get right, but not getting it right hasn’t exactly worked out either. The holes in healthcare’s data analytics capabilities have been a go-to argument for VBC naysayers, and that’s exactly what Arcadia is aiming to solve with its acquisition of CareJourney.

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