Value-Based Care

Aledade Closes $260M for VBC Enablement


If we’re in a digital health funding rut, Aledade definitely missed the memo. The primary care enablement company just raised what looks like its “last funding round needed” after securing an eye-popping $260M in Series F capital.

Aledade partners with independent primary care practices to establish tech-enabled accountable care organizations. It uses data analytics and guided workflows to help better manage high risk patients, then shares in the success of its partners’ value-based contracts.

  • The company works with over 1,500 practices across 45 states, and the 500 that joined this year make it the country’s largest network of independent PCPs.
  • Aledade’s 150+ VBC contracts cover more than 2M lives (including 1M Medicare Shared Savings Program, 250k Medicare Advantage), collectively controlling over $20B in total healthcare spending. 
  • Although Aledade has many “fellow travelers” in this space (namely Privia, Agilon, et al.), it views fee-for-service as its real competition, and recently walked the talk by converting to a Public Benefit Corporation.

The funding is earmarked for accelerating the growth of Aledade’s primary care network and its strategic partnerships with payors, but it will also allow Aledade to keep an “opportunistic” eye on potential acquisitions.

  • Aledade already picked up VBC analytics platform Curia in February, marking its second M&A move after acquiring end-of-life care planning company Iris Healthcare last year.
  • The recent launch of Aledade’s Care Solutions division also gives it a way to help PCPs deliver wraparound services, and the companies that provide these services are high on the M&A target list (behavioral health and kidney care were honorable mentions).

The Takeaway

Aledade’s flywheel is clearly getting up to speed, with each practice that it signs making it easier to get payor contracts, which in turn makes it easier to sign practices. That virtuous cycle and a $260M Series F round might suggest that a public market debut is on the horizon, but in the words of Aledade’s CEO Dr. Farzad Mostashari, “An IPO is not a destination.” Aledade’s focus is on the journey of bringing value-based care to the masses, but “if we’re ready and the public markets are ready… then that’s what we’ll do.”

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